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The Archive

Prior to 2009, I spent hours readings blogs from Africa and the diaspora mainly the US and the UK about the growing creative scene. As a design student I longed for the creative scene to grow in Australia like I saw in other locations. You know the cliche saying "Be the change you want to see", I thought it was only fair to try and cultivate a community for myself and others in Australia.

Atong Atem 'US' exhibition at Custom House, Sydney 2017

So I started Afroklectic as a way to create that community and document the creative stories of the African-Australian community along with the diaspora.

For 10 years the stories were documented in different ways. Through the blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and later Twitter. From events, to new brands, artists and what not, it was captured.

Times have changed and how people interact with content is very different to when I started. There are a plethora of mediums for people tell their own stories, build their brands and express their work.


You could say Afroklectic is pretty much inactive having wrapped up operations in 2019. However I didn't want it to become another deleted blog. Erasing the stories told and what was. The stories continue to live on as the Afroklectic: The Archive.

Beyond The Archive, I am still a culturalist and continue to work on projects to enrichen the African-Australian creative scene.

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