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Sydney Theatre
Company: Is God is

The community engagement brief for the African-American playwright Is God is was to create a safe space for the actors and our community who often feel like they don't have access to the theatre space.

I worked with the Engagement Lead Effie Nkrumah to create an experience consisting of food, music, conversation, and art to  encourage a wide range of people from the community.


With our guidance a culturally relevant menu was designed which fostered conversation, introducing staff and
audiences alike to cuisine, flavours, and dishes that they may not have otherwise been exposed to.

We collaborated with Sounds of Afrobeats to curate entertainment for the vibe nights which were hosted across three nights with a rotation of DJs from the Sounds of Afrobeats camp.

Along with the music we had visual artists Richmond Kobla, Rachelle Amoah and Musonga Mbogo display their work to a new audience.

Is God Is - STC Nights at the Wharf - 06 October 2023 - Photo Credit-Teniola

Is God is, is an award-winning US playwright by Aleshea Harris. Noted as a rollercoaster ride of thrills, kills and electric political thought, this play caused one New York Times critic to proclaim: “Step aside, Quentin Tarantino and Martin McDonagh.”

PLAYWRIGHT: Aleshea Harris
CO-DIRECTOR: Zindzi Okenyo and Shari Sebbens



More information at Sydney Theatre Company.

Is God Is - STC Premiere - 19 September 2023 - Photo Credit-Teniola Komolafe-1.jpg
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