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Written by Nila Sweeney. Published Jan 11, 2024

General Assembly

Co-lead instructor for the User Experience Design Immersive (UXDi) course at General Assembly. My role was teaching and supporting students transitioning their career into UX Design.


Darlinghurst Theatre Company: Seven Methods IRL

The Australian production of ‘Seven Methods of killing Kylie Jenner’ by Jasmine Lee-Jones goes beyond the show with their youtube series In Real Life (IRL). Featured in episode two with panelists Effie Nkrumah and Niwa Mburuja to dissect the song ’Peng Black Girls’ along with colourism, taking your community with you to the table and much more!


Black Daughter: Soft Launch - Careers in Design, Innovation + Tech

I was a guest speaker for the soft launch of Innovative Black Daughters which aims to encourage the advancement of innovation, sustainability and economic wellness of Black women. My focus was how to transition into Service Design from a role within the creative space.

Design Corner

Guest lectured on Design Thinking and judged for the Engineering without Borders inter-university 2019 Design Corner challenge.



A panel discussion presented by Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC) for International Women's Day 2019. Facilitated by Professor Jane Ussher of Western Sydney University discussing what Balance for Better as African women means to us in our respective spaces.

I Am Black and Beautiful

Directed by Hawanatu Bangura, I am Black and Beautiful (2018) captures myself along with 6 Afro-Australian women exploring the impact of western media on our identity and understanding of beauty.

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